Acheive peak performance with professional soccer training for teams and athletes. Adam Schauer helps athletes increase mobility, flexibility and strength with an emphasis on injury prevention.

Strength & Conditioning

Injury Prevention

These sessions are specifically catered for injury prevention. Athletes will be taken through a series of soft tissue work to increase mobility, specific mobility stretches, and a systematic movement preparation…MORE

3R Session

Roll, Restore, Regenerate

These sessions are geared strictly for recovery and preparation purposes. In these sessions we will utilize the most cutting edge myfacial release techniques or soft tissues work to improve and increase mobility, and flexibility…MORE


Mechanics, Agility, Plyometrics, Speed

Mechanics. Athletes will first work on some form of their running or sport-specific movement mechanics through proper queuing and coaching. They will also complete many different forms of corrective exercises to aid in injury prevention…MORE

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  • 3R’s Session Packages

    Starting at $240

    Individual and Team Sign Ups Available

    1x week package- 35min session $10/athlete
    Wednesday’s & Thursday’s only
    Teams are less than 15 members.

    Six and eight month packages

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  • Strength & Conditioning Training and 3R’s Combo Package

    Starting at $480

    Individual and Team Sign Ups Available

    2x week package- 1hr S&C $12/athlete & 35min 3R session $8/athlete
    Teams are less than 12 members.

    Six and eight month packages

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  • ISPE

    Starting at $400

    Independent Study Physical Education

    This a weekly Strength and Conditioning program for middle school and High School aged athletes.

    Semester and full year packegs

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Adam Schauer San Diego Soccer Personal Training

D-1 Athletic Performance is dedicated to helping athletes of all ages and sports backgrounds reach that next level of competition, whether it be in youth sports, College, and even the Professional level. At D-1 Athletic Performance, we focus on Injury Prevention, sport-specific Strength and Conditioning, and overall bodywork including the latest myofascial release techniques, and proper joint mobility for prep. And recovery. We do onsite team training as well as small group and private sessions.

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