Adam Schauer San Diego Soccer Personal TrainingD-1 Athletic Performance is dedicated to helping athletes of all ages and sports backgrounds reach that next level of competition, whether it be in youth sports, College, and even the Professional level. At D-1 Athletic Performance, we focus on Injury Prevention, sport-specific Strength and Conditioning, and overall bodywork including the latest myofascial release techniques, and proper joint mobility for prep. And recovery. We do onsite team training as well as small group and private sessions.

Meet Adam:

Adam is the owner and Head Strength Coach at D-1 Athletic Performance. He has been a fitness professional since 2003 practicing his trade for over 15 years. Adam earned his degree in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University where he played an integral role on the Men’s soccer team. He went on to play semi-pro and professional soccer for two years after graduating before making the permanent switch from Athlete to working with Athletes as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Not only does Adam have his B.S. in Exercise Science but he also holds his NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and FMS (Functional Movement Systems) certification. Adam is extremely passionate about sharing his knowledge of exercise science to help the athletes he works with become the best they can be while learning how to take care of there bodies.