Strength & Conditioning

Injury Prevention

These sessions are specifically catered for injury prevention. Athletes will be taken through a series of soft tissue work to increase mobility, specific mobility stretches, and a systematic movement preparation followed by a series of corrective exercises focused on the posterior chain and major core muscle strengthening. By increasing strength in these important muscle groups athletes will naturally increase performance while remaining injury free and on the field of play, all the while learning how to take care of there bodies through proper preparation before activity and recovery after.

3R Session

Roll, Restore, Regenerate

These sessions are geared strictly for recovery and preparation purposes. In these sessions, we will utilize the most cutting-edge myofascial release techniques or soft tissues work to improve and increase mobility, and flexibility. The athletes will also be taken through a systematic mobility and stretching routine followed by a movement prep. To regenerate their soft tissue and muscles for peak performance.


Mechanics, Agility, Plyometrics, Speed

Mechanics. Athletes will first work on some form of their running or sport-specific movement mechanics through proper queuing and coaching. They will also complete many different forms of corrective exercises to aid in injury prevention. Agility. Athletes will be taken through sport specific agility movement patterns to help improve quickness and footwork. Plyometrics. athletes will work on double leg and single leg explosive movement patterns to improve jumping, power, and explosiveness. Speed. Athletes will put all aspects of this program together through various speed drills to improve overall speed.

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